How the region continues to maintain its forward momentum as seen in the four Outlook trends

Written by:

  • Sharon Soh, Head of Integrated Strategy & Marketing, UM APAC.
  • Ben Tuff, Chief Product Officer, UM APAC
  • Mat Maroni, Chief Strategy Officer, UM APAC
Photo by Mike Enerio on Unsplash

The past two decades have seen APAC’s remarkable development and rapid rise as the new center of the world, thanks to its soaring consumption and increasingly central role in global trade and innovation. Indeed, even prior to the pandemic, APAC had already been taking the lead in many areas, and market pundits are…

How the Outlook 2020 trends are manifesting in the Asia-Pacific markets

Photo by Larry Teo on Unsplash

One of the biggest platform phenomena to emerge from APAC in recent years has to be the super app. What is a super app? It is many apps within an umbrella app; or perhaps it is actually not really an app as much as an operating system for smartphones. Now, mention the word ‘super app’ and WeChat immediately comes to mind. While some might argue that the super app concept already existed before WeChat did, there is no denying that this super app reigns as king, particularly in China.

WeChat now counts over a billion users with more than two-thirds…

What toy makers and other brands need to know about the play trends in the APAC region

By Sharon Soh (Head Of Strategy, UM APAC) and Grace Espinoza (Senior Strategist, UM APAC); with research contributions from UM China and Lodestar UM India

Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

No play till you’re done studying! Until just a few years ago, parents in Asia would constantly be demanding their kids to study, as children in many Asian countries have a strict childhood focused more on early education than social development. Playtime with other children is often replaced with tutoring sessions, music lessons, and other structured activities to help advance them towards future academic success. …

Sharon Soh

Head of Integrated Strategy & Marketing, UM APAC

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